fine, i'll give you a pitty rant  


"joey" is bad. really bad. and it boggles my mind that netcop enjoys it. I'm convinced that he is an idiot savant and his one field of expertise is wrestling. All this other tastes are way off.

He loved friends. And not just the good seasons, but all seasons. He throught that Joey and Phoebe were becoming "more developed" as the seasons went on. He's not offended at all by how dumb and one dimensional they became.

I watched the 2nd episode of joey out of morbid curiosity. It was everything i expected, and less. First, as a general aside, everytime i've "had it" with reality shows, I'm reminded just how BAD sitcoms are. I can feel the punchlines coming, and they make me cringe.

The absolute worst joke on the 2nd episode was when we were russo-swerved to learn that joey's friend/neighbor is also the super, and was the one leaving the annoying notes. Now, i figured this out from the very beginning (and i'm by no means patting myself on the back for that one. it was just so obviously the "sitcom-haha-didn't see that" trainwreck that you have to expect). So, generally it's just annoying to watch a dumb character go through all the motions of "discovering" this not so subtle turn of events. And how do you think they solved the mystery of the note writer? Of course, she happened to write down all the hamburger places that she likes for joey. And yes, the handwriting matched.

Now, here's where things got UGLY. Just in case anyone forgot that Joey is the dumbest person on earth, they had to drive the point home just a little bit further. "I got it. That means that the super and jenn {or whatever her name is} must have had the same hand-writing instructor."

I actually got the vodka shudder/twinge after that joke. I felt dirty, but was too lazy to jump in the shower so i continued to watch. I was trying oh so desperately to forget that horrid joke, but, it became a reoccuring joke for the rest of the episode!!! I can't even fathom who thought that would be funny.

Then, i went to netcops page and he liked the joke!

Forget it, i can't go on. Joey is just as bad as friends. This type of "funny" is so disgustingly degrading b/c it's forcing the audience to remove all sense of reality. No human being on earth (or even those quasi-human beings that wander the streets w/o a home or are locked up in the looney bin) would EVER come to the conclusion that two idential handwritings would be the result of a very good handwriting teacher.

They should just go for it all, and give Joey superhero powers.

who is still checking this, and why?  


now that we all have gmail, what would be the point of posting rants here? especially when NOBODY adds comments to the posts?