3 annoying things in the past 24 hours regarding sports  


in no particular order

1) "John olerud has hit the ball well all four times he has been up today. he has two hits, and twice he hit the pitcher and was eventually thrown out"
"yup, and if the pitcher wasn't there, they would have been hits too"

yeah, he was very unlucky that the pitcher was there....on the mound, like every other pitcher in the history of baseball. I know what tim mccarver was TRYING to say, but I'm still annoyed.

2) I'm starting to think it's a huge conspiracy by corporate america to mock Ricky Willams. Maybe they realize that if we start rejecting their their dogma of having to kill youself at work and wasting our lives their foundation will crumble. On the sportsreporters, Lupica set up the Ricky story by making a pot joke. Everyone got a chuckle. But then Bob Ryan gave a speech about how he thought, and continues to think, that Ricky's motives are more noble than that, and tha he's an individual that didn't crave the spotlight, but just so happened to be born with these natural talents. And how he respected him for giving "everything" up to go and do what he wanted to do.

and lupica laughed. and laughed. and said "wow, i need to sit down and think about everything that is wrong with those statements."

well, lupica, i'm waiting.

3) people are really in love with jeter. It's started to make me uncomfortable to even watch yankee games. Arod hits a homer, and they cut to Jeter sitting on the edge of the railing cheering.

On friday night, the yankees beat the sox, and all the stations show an interview with jeter, even though he didn't do anything.

and tonight, with bernie up, they cut to Jeter in the dugout being a great leader by starting to get ready to bat even though he'd be up 5th in that inning (and there's already one out). They are praising him and all he's doing is having a cup of water. but when he puts on his arm brace, look out.

that's all for now.