I realized my problem with "Big Love"  


I watch big love. It's almost on the level of "appointment television" for me at this point (or at least as close as a show can become now that I have a DVR). However, i don't think i like it, per se. I'm curious, for sure, but I'm just not connecting with it. And i think I finally figured out the problem. It's no longer a show about religious people....Maybe it never was. Originally, my problems with the show was that I couldn't relate to any of the characters. But, there was a morbid curiousity to see how religious people live. In the second season, these people have lost all sense of a religious faith, though.

One by one, i cross off the characters with a dismissive "Ok, he doesn't REALLY believe in God". Aby (i'm guessing at names here), can't really believe in God, b/c he faked having a 'testimony' with his father's hat. That was a manipulative power struggle, which i found interesting on the surface, but ultimately confirms that Aby can't really believe in God.

Then, Nicky steals from the compound. Stealing is wrong, and goes against God. Sure, people have an amazing ability to rationalize their own bad behavior, but the 10 comandments are pretty clear on this issue (hmm, do they even believe in the 10 comandments? i have to assume so). Barb seems to use religion as a synonym* with morality; she believes in religion in so much as it is the foundation to teach her kids right from wrong. *[5 minutes to get a spelling close enough for the computer to suggest the correct spelling. FIVE MINUTES].

I want to watch a show where an otherwise normal person actually believes that Abby is having a conversation with a hat. THAT'S interesting. Instead, Big Love is just a morally confused family trying to justify their own suspect behavior. Since we've already seen that done to perfection with the Sopranos, Big Love is redundant. I'll still watch, because my life is that boring, but I'm not pleased.

Last night's yankee game confirmed that I'm alone in the universe  


It's tough to feel connected to society when it's obvious that human beings are the most selfish species ever created. An animal that kills, kills to survive. A human's greed is out of pure ego, though.

The yankees and tigers play three times in the next day (saturday night, sunday during the day, and monday night. This will be the last time that the Yankees are in detroit, so they HAVE to finish off the series.

The obvious solution is to play a double header on saturday. If MLB wants to be just slightly greedy, they can still make it a day-night double header and charge two admissions. But "slight greed" isn't enough to make it in the corporate world. Having such a game would "interfere" with Fox's saturday "window" of exclusive broadcasts. Mind you, that window SHOULD be 4 pm, when they actually broadcast, but they extend it all the way to 1 pm. As though news corp. itself would go out of business if it had to compete with a random 1 pm game on a late august saturday. So, saturday is out, but is sunday in? No, because ESPN owns sunday nights. And since Monday is too dangerous (it's a travel day), the only alternative is to play the game at 11 pm on a friday night.

I'll never be able to hate Michael Kay the same way, b/c he was really upset about how friday night's game hurt the fans. Good for him. Even I can't imagine waiting around 4 hours for a game. What a disgusting display of greed and short-sightedness. There is nothing left in American society that is pure anymore. Everything has dollar signs wrapped around it.

Let's go China!

uh, why did the mets' fans just cheer?  


i realize this isn't the most earth shattering of posts (and probably not worthy of a 'return' to blogging), but so it goes...

bases loaded, 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth. alou hits the most routine of routine grounders to 2nd, and the fans go nuts as though it's going to win the game. I'm embarrassed for fans when they go nuts on a fly ball, so you can imagine how much i cringed when it happened on a ground ball. are mets' fans that stupid?