World Series, Game 1  

Posted = 8 pm. = 8 pm.

fox sports = 8:23 pm.

actual first pitch = 8:37

Well, most of you already know about the Roger Clemens situation  


But since I can't ever tell this story again, b/c it kills me, here it goes for one last time.

After the perfect tailgate, we made our way into the stadium EARLY in order to catch Roger Clemens warming up in the bullpen. We also were able to sneak in a bag of those delicious Cheddar 'n BBQ Doritos so I was on top of the world.

Then, two guys slid into our row of bleachers, and were going to need to step over us. However, they suggested that we could just slide over into their seats. As we got up to slide, I started to talk to them and happened to mention *bam ball right in front of my face*

That's how quick it happened. I saw a ball in front of my face, i stuck my hand out, and it bounced out of my palm. Totally catchable. Mine to lose. And I lost it. The last ball that Roger Clemens will ever warm up with touched my hand and I dropped it. Did I not put a 2nd hand on it because I was holding the chips? Was I too distracted by those guys? Was I just too drunk? In my defense, the guy I went with didn't even put his hands up. But that didn't stop him from punching me for dropping the ball.

If I find out that ball is worth a lot of money, i'll be even more crushed.

Lazy Writing in "Stranger Than Fiction"  


I wasn't expecting Shakespeare when I watched this movie, but sometimes writers can be so insulting that I feel like they are pulling a joke on me. In STF, the main character starts to fall for a "rebel baker". I guess she's what Hollywood idiots think a "liberal" is....crazy tattoos, scatter brained, refusing to pay taxes, etc. Anyway, the main character asks her when she realized she wanted to be a baker and her answer was "college". That lead to this exchange:

Oh, what kind of college, cullinary?

No, actually, I went to Harvard Law.

Oh, I didn't know, I'm sorry... I

Don't worry, it's alright. Anyway, I barely got into law school, and then...

She then proceeds to tell this "touching" story about how she kept baking for her study groups and everyone loved the cookies and it made her happy to make other people happy, but her grades suffered.

Do you see the problem with this? Nobody would call Havard LAW "college". It's not a college. It's a lawschool. But if she didn't answer "college", he couldn't have confused it with a culinary school.

"when did you know you want to be a baker?"
"oh, in law school"
"hmm, interesting. Go on."

doesn't really have the same ring to it, does it? Plus, it also has to drive home the point that she was smart enough to do anything, but chose to be a baker. That's why the character has to apologize for assuming it was culinary school, as though that's something to be ashamed of. I mean, she wound up a baker! culinary school would be the ideal school to go to if that was your eventual goal.

and now that i think about it, since the original question was "when did you know?" the main character is an idiot for assuming college meant culinary school. If you go to culinary school, you probably ALREADY know that you want to be some type of chef.

Man, that one line of dialog really rubbed me the wrong way.

Captain Clutch, isn't.  


Average/On Base/Slugging
2007 ALDS .176/.176/.176 [0 runs, 1 rbi in 4 games]
2004 ALCS .200/.333/.233 [5 runs, 5 rbi in 7 games]
2003 ALCS .233/.281/.400 [3 runs, 2 rbi in 7 games]
2001 WS .148/.179/.259 [3 runs, 1 rbi in 7 games]
2001 ALCS .118/.200/.118 [0 runs, 2 rbi in 5 games]
2000 ALDS .211/.318/.211 [1 runs, 2 rbi in 5 games]
1998 ALCS .200/.259/.320 [3 runs, 2 rbi in 6 games]
1998 ALDS .111/.273/.111 [0 runs, 0 rbi in 3 games]
1996 WS .250/.400/.250 [5 runs, 1 rbi in 6 games]

I went to see Arcade Fire, and a KISS concert broke out  


I go to a concert for the music. Not for staged theatrics. If I cared about the latter, I would go see a Broadway show. It's sad that some people get suckered into gimmicky stunts when it comes to music.

Arcade Fire used to play in churches and other tiny venues. I knew Randall's Island wasn't going to be ideal location to catch them, but I had to see them live.

What a mistake. Pure speculation on my part, but it seemed like they were recording this performance for some type of DVD release. There was a bunch of glowing stuff and videos and whatnot that only distracted from the music. The two guys on the side (drummers?) threw a drum around the stage and tried to hit it. Lame. Then, during Rebellion, the same guy did this:

I'm no musical expert, but I think he wasn't in rhythm with the rest of the band.

So Dan Perry made a list of the top 10
"playoff/postseason" games ever.

ignore the fact that 50% of the top 10 falls within the last 21
years. Chalk that up to humans having weak minds and thinking what
they personally experience is more important/relevant. I just like
to draw attention to the fact that last night's game (which was what sparked
this article) wasn't even a playoff or postseason game. It's a
regular season game. A "play in" for you simpletons.

beef beef beef, beef baloney.  


Now that I'm addicted to finding deals, I came across an amazing one with Oberto's jerky and other meat products. 30 dollar cases for 5 bucks.

I was hoping that between myself, Poppa, and a third friend, we could spend 75 bucks to get the free shipping. That third friend wound up selling me out and buying 75 dollars worth on his own. I'd be upset, but he's going to be dead from beef consumption in 3 weeks, so I forgive him.

Anyway, Poppa got our shipment tonight. It's so heavy that we need to meet up before work so that I can help him carry some of it to our coworkers (who got in on the deal).

Pounds and pounds of dried beef!