calling 1-5 for a street spot  


Perhaps I'm not allowed to speak on this issue b/c i don't drive (just like i'm not allowed to think that randomly following a highway on the side streets is a bad idea), but I absolutely loathe the fact that people think they can reserve their street spots just b/c they shoveled their cars out. Remember the big blizzard from a few years ago? The spot in front of my house that was, at the time, occupied by PJ's car was the ONLY spot in the entire neighborhood that was "open to the public" after we dug it out. Litterally, and i use the word litterally litterally, every other spot had a chair in the middle of it during the day.

Why? Why do people think they are entitled to PUBLIC PROPERTY just b/c they happened to clear the spot out. Now, if they had shoveled out of the goodness of their heart, then i could ALMOST see how they think they should have first dibs on it, but, there is no goodness in the hearts of Newark'ers. These people dug their own cars out of necessity. They were FORCED to dig them out, b/c otherwise, they, uh, wouldn't be able to get their cars out (duh).

So, for anyone who thinks they can lay claim to a spot for all eternity just b/c it happened to be the location of their car when a storm hit, you are wrong. I can't believe they can go to work all day and honestly think that at 1 pm, it would be "wrong" for someone to come park in that spot.

And let's not forget the fact that when they dug their cars out, they piled the snow either right behind, or right in front, of "their" spot, thus making it impossible for cars to park their either.

The most unrealistic 30 minutes in sitcom history?  


that's a bold statement, considering the unrealistic things we are forced to believe in order for sitcoms to "make sense", but this was just that far out there.

I'm talking about last week's episode of gilmore girls*

*(and yes, i've now started watching that show ONLY b/c it gets me so angry).

So, i've already ranted on the "dang jethro, they must be smart b/c they talk so fast" nature of the dialogue. But, beyond that absurdity, last week's episode involved the daughter (who i guess is now in college and writing for some paper or something) going to this underground club thing that other Harvard (i think that's the school) socialites attend.

Now, you may be wondering why i find college people going to an underground club so unrealistic. Well, it's not a club in the city where people rave and do drugs....Oh no, this took place in the woods, while people were wearing white tuxedos and those fancy dresses from the 30's. And they were carrying those umbrellas for the sun that people would hold in paintings (remember that famous picture called "middle class" or something). Is this stuff making sense yet?

Then what about the group of 5 or 6 guys who refused to speak a word that happened to contain the letter "E". There was a brief gag in the simpsons where Burns (and Bart, who was training to be his heir) would make the workers do this or else get fired. Lenny's "I am a good work....guy" was about 100x more realistic then these guys rapid firing long paragraphs of "fast = smart" conversation. So help me if even one soccer-mom saw this scene and was "impressed" by it. I will kill each and every one of them, plain and simple.

So, this club's annual _______ (not sure what they were calling it), consisted of random things like human target practice (the guy with the paint ball gun would say 'pull' and a kid would jump off a trampoline to get shot). There was of course the mandatory guy running around in a tuxedo AND gorrilla mask to add to "oh man, now i've seen everything" mentality of the show.

I just want to know how these kids got all this food and tents, etc into the middle of the woods. i didn't see a car in sight.

Oh, and the event ended with 6 people jumping off a 4 story high tower (made by these kids mind you) with an elaberate pully (sp) system. They all were holding umbrellas and it was meant to look like they were floating. They laughed, the viewers laughed, and i died a little inside.

This show is really really bad.

Diving at the Goaline  


Picture this: a receiver is in the process of making a 40+ yard reception, and at about the 2 yard line, looks like he might come up just short of the touchdown. He then stretches out to just get over the pile-on. He fumbles the ball, it trickles into the endzone, touchback for the other team.

What is going on here? first and goal from the 1 has to result in a touchdown in probably 90% of the cases (i'm not looking up the numbers). Why risk such a costly turnover? Is it just to get the TD for your fantasy owners? It makes no sense, but EVERY receiver seems to do it. It's selfish and counter productive. No wonder it's CW.

the first pic of my blog  


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no, that didn't cut it  


it's not just the extra invites, that bother me, but the delay in rsvp'ing. how can people just wait and wait to rsvp. do the supplies buy themselves? are they waiting for a better option to present itself? it's shocking.

No offense, but....  


Does anyone really believe that starting a sentence with "no offense" absolves someone from the risk of offending? What the person is really saying is "i know i'm going to offend you, but i just don't care."

That's a poor lead in to this rant, but i really don't know how to express my anger and displeasure with the recent turn of events regarding the now-cancelled championship game party. Year after year i've expressed my desire to keep the numbers to a minimum. I have a 27 inch tv one ghetto couch from the 70's and a handful of other random chairs. I also have an interest in actually watching the games....that's why i don't throw superbowl parties.

Short of "you are not allowed to bring anyone", i don't know what else i could say to express my desire. But I guess my feelings don't count even though it's my apartment, my effort, and oh yeah, my money that's supporting this party. I guess it's not enough, as guests feel compelled to invite others just to make sure their enjoyment of day is improved. I suppose i should be thankful that they are gracing me with their presence and allowing me to feed them.

This isn't the first instance of selfish behavior that sickens me, nor will it be the last. But the thing that really heightens my anger is the fact that these people pretend to actually respect my wishes. "i understand that you are worried about keeping the numbers down, but is it ok if....."

well, if you understand that i don't want more people, then why are you asking to bring more people? you KNOW i'm not going to say "no, you can't bring this person". so, just come out and say it..."i'm not going to respect your wishes." That's what it comes down to.

You want a big party where everyone is hanging out and the game is just a pretense? fine, host the party yourself. That's not what i wanted. I wanted to have fun while watching the game. And you all ruined that. Being ungrateful disgusts me.

Naive Question Regarding "interns"  


Let me get this straight: In order to make it in my profession, you need to work at a firm during the summers. You do this for no money. You do the grunt work that the "real" lawyers don't want to do. This isn't optional; if you don't do it, then you'll be way behind when you come out of lawschool. These firms rely on this cheap (read: free) labor, and probably couldn't exist w/o it. Now, how is this different than slavery?

Yes, we trick ourselves into thinking that the interns are gaining valuable experience and thus it's a give take relationship. However, i seriously doubt that experience and money are mutually exclusive entitites.

How did we get to this point? how did they trick us into this system of slavery? why are we trapped into working for no money when the fat cats get fatter?

What a shame.

primates are just better than the rest of us  


primer may not be as brainy as bp, but i still think it's better. Reading dozens of real baseball fans discuss issues in an evolving way (though posting) is very rewarding. and their combination of genius and humor is by far unmatched.

when there is an article, they usually quote a blurb, and then have a little intro by the poster who found the article. here's today's gem

So far, the Carlos Beltran negotiations are only business for George Steinbrenner. And unless it gets personal, the Yankees will not compete with the Mets for a player who would fit their long-term needs as well as any free agent that has hit the market in recent years.

Levine: You’re taking this very personal. Brian, this is business and this man is taking it very very personal.

Steinbrenner: Where does it say you have to sign Beltran?

Cashman: Come on, Georgie…

Steinbrenner: Brian, wait a minute. I’m talking about a player that’s represented by Scott Boras. I’m talking about a greedy player that hooked up with a slimy agent and demanded too much money. That’s a terrific story. And we have newspaper people on the payroll, don’t we Brian? And they might like a story like that.

Cashman: They might. They just might.

Steinbrenner: It’s not personal, Randy. It’s strictly business