how does "fat girlz" end?  


on my last day on the job, i had absolutely nothing to watch. i mean NOTHING. so i borrowed "fat girlz" starring monique. it was as bad as you would assume. but, they let us go early, so i don't know how it ends. why do i want to know? i shouldn't care, but i do.


"wow, it's weird b/c i haven't actually seen this movie in years"  


That was actually one of the first lines of a dvd audio commentary. Obviously, i turned it right off. How arrogant is hollywood that they think the audience will spend two hours listening to actors or directors mindlessly banter about w/o any structure? I prefer a commentary that is informative over entertaining (though backstage stories can be interesting).

The best audio commentary ever is Resevoir Dogs. They took clips from multiple sources, including actors, QT, critics, and other people who worked on the film. It worked very well.

Hollywood, take note.

coolest. keyboard. ever.  


it even beats my theoretical one where you just move your fingers and the keyboard "knows" what you meant.

they aren't really playing against each other!!  


they each play on a team that happens to be playing the team that the other is on.

George Lucas: Setting low standards to impress people  


They are now releasing Star Wars DVDs that come as 2 discs each. one disc is the original version of the movie, w/o all the added affects (and perhaps w/o greedo shooting first) . Of course, if he had originally released these versions, nobody would have bought the "other" version. But, by selling the crap first, he gets to double dip.

it's not the price of gas, stupid  


why do people complain about the price of gas per gallon, when it's less than basically every other liquid that is sold to mankind? because their minds aren't capable of grasping the concept that the reason we spend so much money on gas is because we are using it in great quantities. If the automobile industry put in a little effort, they could probably create a process that extracted more energy from the burning of gasoline. If "filling up" for the week only required 5-10 gallons, then 3 bucks per gallon would seem like a steal.

Is there were purple cows got their name?  


I never saw a purple cow
But if I were to see one
Would the probability ravens are black
Have a better chance to be one?