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LFoDH was on last week, and the movie really annoyed me. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the special fx; they reached the level of absuridty (in a good way) by being so over the top and at least they were unique. What bothered me was the overt right leaning messages of the movie.

The "bad guy" was a former "good guy" who is attacking the holes in our security system to prove a point. I know it's "just a movie", but it's hard not to notice the message they are sending with this. If you question the government, you are essentially a terrorist. And let's ignore the fact that this guy was right...there are HUGE holes in our security that are the result of laziness and incompetance.

Then you have the sidekick, who is almost equally deranged. First, he "mistakenly" helped the terrorist. See, don't associate with those dangerous lefties, because they might wind up being terrorists. Then, when he's telling McCain, er McClane, about the "corporate media" he does so in a babbling, incoherent way. What he was saying was true, but it sounded like the ramblings of a madman. McClane gives him a dismissive look, and we're all supposed to idenity with this mavverick cowboy who plays by his own set of rules.

And in the end, the sidekick just wants to be like McClane, which he achieves.

Oh, and he (the sidekick) hates the song "Fortunate Son". I mean, come on!

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Pre-Game Coin Toss Makes Jacksonville Jaguars Realize Randomness Of Life

i hope i can remember why i hated shopgirl.  


Actually that's not even correct, because I didn't even
allow myself to think about it while I was watching. But now I'm
bored, so I'll think about it, and I'm going to wind up getting very

List of Cliched Characters:

  • Claire Daines's character (who we'll call Claire, because there's no way I'm going to look it up)

    • She is unhappy with her life. Why is she unhappy?
      Because there's only two things that can make a human being happy: a
      "fullfilling" job, and a mate. And she has neither. And this makes
      her sad.

  • The guy from I heart Huckabees' character (aka Huckabee)

    • Starts out "bad", but winds up "good". His bad
      qualities have to be superficial and minor or else the viewer will
      won't root for Claire to wind up with him. But if he starts out as
      "good", the viewer will dislike Claire for not choosing him originally.

  • The Steve Martin character

    • Steve is a rich older guy who kind of stalks Claire at
      the beginning, but because he's rich, it's ok. Again, he has to be
      "good" enough to not be disliked by the viewer, but empty enough so
      that the viewer doesn't get confused into rooting for him.

  • Other female characters

    • Must be worthless so that we can really really see how
      super awesome Claire is. One empty woman seduces Steve. The other
      accidently sleeps w/ Huckabees.

Lazy Character Development

  • Claire may just be some girl in a shop, but she has big
    dreams...that involve art. The easiest and laziest way to make a
    mundane character unique is to say they are an artist. She's not
    weird, she's artsy! And oh yeah, Huckabee is an artist too! His
    medium is fonts, and he winds up getting the fonts tattooed on
    himself. He so crazy.
  • Huckabee's bad qualities are that he's messy, unkept,
    cheap, broke, un gentlemanlike. Then he spends a summer reading some
    books on relationships and improves. Seriously, that's their idea of
    deep growth. He starts out wearing indie-esque tshirts and winds up
    wearing indie-esque tshirts with a blazer over it. He owns a crappy
    car at the beginning, and drives a nice car at the end. His apartment
    is clean at the end. And when he leaves a voicemail for Claire, he
    literally reads a line from one of those relationship books. But it's
    not his fault....he is from Mars after all.
  • Some radio talk show discusses how women are happier when
    they are with someone than when they are alone...even if it's with a
    guy they don't particularly care for. Claire takes this sage advice
    and gives Huckabee a second chance.
  • Steve is a stalker who chooses Claire based solely on
    looks, but it's ok because he's rich. How long he had been watching
    her is unclear, but his first interation with her is when he buys her
    the very same gloves that she's selling. Then he finds out where
    she's living and sends them to her. Creepy. He's good at giving her
    things (a wad of cash to pay off her loans, dresses, etc.) but he's
    incapable of giving Claire himself. And since showing us his
    emotional walls would be too complex, we instead told of
    these walls by both Claire and Steve. Claire would occasionally start
    a sentence with "I know you have a hard time letting me in, but..." and
    then at the end, Steve says something about not being able to open
    himself up to her. Blah blah blah. All I saw when I watched the
    movie was a rich guy who liked the stress free lifestyle of a casual
  • But wait, the realtionship became "real" when we learn
    that Claire suffers from depression and went off her meds. Steve
    shows concern and helps her. This is what qualifies as character
    development in the movie.
  • I can't do this. She winds up becoming an artist and getting the man and being happy. The end.