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i want someone to really explain to me why a show like gilmore girls talks so fast and why people equate that to being a "smart" show. They say NOTHING quickly. does that make it witty? I flipped by it while Amazing Race was on commercial, and in the two minutes, i got so re-angry at it. The bantering back and forth was so forced and unrealistic. But i bet the writers patted themselves on their collective backs.



I've already commented on how much i love Carlos Delgado for sticking up for what he believes in and not standing for god bless america. That's why it pains me to read that Delagdo, though his agent, has told the O's (and other suitors), that, if asked by the team, he would stand for the song. I can't decide how much this bothers me. One one hand, at least i know he's politically aware and has beliefs that are unselfish. On the other hand, he's really selling out on those beliefs, litterally. As in, "I want a bigger contract, so i have to conform".

Should I hate delgaldo now? Or just chalk it up to yet another example of how having a minority view is not allowed in this country? I'm torn.

And since when do the Baltimore Orioles represent american ideals? From shouting "o's" at the end of the national athem, to trying to block the move of the expos b/c they don't want competition, the o's seem to be pretty hypocritical.

Oh, and reading the primates thread on this issue, i was SHOCKED to see yet another great example of why it's "noble" to refuse to salute the song. I can't believe i missed "seperation of chruch and state". I'll have to make sure to add that to the laundry list.

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"worrying about your kids is sanity. and sometimes being that sane can make you nuts."

mind you, this is the quote that they think will suck people in to see their movie. Everytime i hear it, i get angry.

Mouse Gestures  


I was fiddling around with Firefox and found some pretty sweet extensions (plug ins). One of them is called mouse gestures. Basically, you can assign whatever you want to a "gesture" of your mouse. For example, while in firefox, you can have it where a right click plus moving to the left means "back".

we've gotten to the point where the old way to use a mouse is too much work. Fan-Tastic