I really like televisionwithoutpity, but people who post that should be dragged out into the street and shot. First, they aren't watching it a "few more times", "a couple of times", etc. Nobody has that kind of time. Believe me, I should know. And, even if you WERE going to watch it that many times, why are you rushing to the computer to type that? just watch it again!

this all stems from my viewing of John From Cinncinati, which may be the worst television show in the history of time. After watching last week's episode, i rushed to the computer to figure out what just happened. What i got was three pages of "wow, that was incredible. i don't get it, but i'll need to watch it a few more times".

There's a difference between deep and confusing. At the end of the day, television (or any kind of art) is a form of communication. If the audience doesn't get the message, then you are doing a poor job in creating the art.

This show is becoming like a fanboy type of thing where the only people who are enjoying it are the ones who have the decoder ring and think they are "special" for putting the effort into translating.

The right camera angle will show you everything in a baseball game  


I love how people claim that Jeter is a good defensive player even though it's impossible to watch defense with the current camera angles on TV. But, that's not the point of this entry. They had a pulled out angle just now to show Melky on third and Jeter on 1st (while Arod was up). A piece of wax paper was blowing around third base. The third baseman picked it up, and crumpled it. I was so curious to see what he would do with it. I was SHOCKED to see him stick it in melky's back pocket and then pat him on the butt. "is that the norm for garbage? is it assumed that the runners will just hold onto it?" Then melky took it out of his pocket and handed it Bowa (the third base coach). that made more sense, but why did the fielder not just give it to him directly? He seems like the most logical choice to hold garbage.

Also, apologies for not keeping my 30 in 30 promise.