I missed the first five minutes, so I'll to double back on HBO West to confirm the rules, but it feels like there are two main rules:

1) You can't lie. and
2) Witholding information is lying.

I didn't think the writers had the intelligence to stay true to this. I was correct.

A) On the first date, Garner says "I'm sorry about that" to Gervais after hanging up the phone (with her mother). I don't think she was sorry. That's a weak one, i know. So I kept watching.

B) When he calls her later on, to go on a second date, she says "I gotta go". She didn't have to go. She wanted to go. EPIC FAIL.

C) For icing on the cake, after Gervais reads his fake play to the crowd, the Rob Lowe character rolls his eyes, but applauds. That applause was fake. He was hiding his feelings of jealousy.

Nobody reads this blog, and nobody cares about the fact that The Invention of Lying broke its rules, but this was very important to me.