#12 What's the argument against instant replay again?  


it's gotta be something less retarded than "the game hasn't had it before", right? or the "what's next, robots calling balls and strikes, and even playing the game too?" argument.

Do people enjoy the randomness of bad calls? I wonder if a part of it has to do with the fact that the game is "fixed" in the sense that star players get better treatment (b/c stars sell tickets). If the game was objectively called, perhaps there would be more parity in the league.

#11 Michael Kay quote  


"he elected to go with his closer here in the 9th; even though it's possible for the visiting team to have a save situation in extra innings. Now, if it goes extra innings, his options will be limited".

This was said in bottom of the 9th inning of a tied game....against the yankees....with abreu, arod, and posada up.

#10 Two ice cream trucks on the same block!!  


I've always been fascinated with ice cream trucks (and no, not just because they contain ice cream). First and foremost, I always wondered how the drivers don't go insane with that music playing over and over again. Isn't that how we tried to "smoke out" Noreaga back in the day? Whenever I walk by a truck playing that song, i'm involuntarily humming it within seconds. I imagine 4 consecutive hours of that would kill me.

Less interestingly, I've always had doubts about how the industry could turn a profit. Assuming the driver makes minimum wage, the first couple of ice creams sold (each hour) go to his salary. Then you have to obviously pay for the supplies. Driving at 5 miles an hour has to use a lot of gas, especially when you are a glorified freezer.

And how big is your customer base? I can't imagine anyone other than children, who are already outside, ever purchasing an ice cream. Is that a big enough market? What are these trucks used for in the winter?

Anyway, all of my questions are now pushed aside because i saw TWO ice cream trucks on the same street last night. About two blocks away. I could hear BOTH songs being played.

What's going on here? Hopefully, one was just a decoy for selling drugs.

If you think it's a manager's goal to try and win games, you would be wrong. His goal, just like every other employee's goal, is to not lose his job. Managers make decisions based on the path of least Resistance. They'll all trade a couple of extra losses for a lack of controversy in their decision making.

After a rain delay and 80 something pitches, Moose started the 6th inning. That's right about the time where Moose gets fatigued at this point in his career. Torre had to decide whether he should keep him in or go to his bulpen early.

Pulling Moose before he blows it leaves Torre open to speculation and criticism. Pulling him after Moose blows it puts the blame on the pitcher. If Torre really wanted to win the game, he would have probably pulled moose. But that's not his goal. His goal is to give the appearance that he's helping his team win. So that he can keep his job.