am i getting smarter or are managers getting dumber?  


it seems like i can't watch a game without seeing something really dumb.

top of the 9th, giants score three runs off of dotel w/o getting an out. first and second still with no outs. guy bunts them over to 2nd and 3rd. i can live with that.

now you have durham up with one out. i'm already thinking "man, i bet the giants wish they had bonds batting third instead of cleanup."

that's the first mistake. then oakland one ups them by intentionally walking durham!!!

walking the bases loaded....already ranted on that. but now it's twice as bad b/c it gets that much closer to getting bonds up. you should NEVER want bonds up and should do everything you can to avoid it. this game is over, i'm not even bothering to watch.

wow, it was worse than SNL!  


i hemmed and hawed on saturday night whether to write a rant on SNL. it sunk to an even new low in terms of lack of comedic value. I can't even explain how unfunny it was. donald trump was the host. in every skit, he was donald trump. his costume changes consisted of changing his tie. one skit involved "amerosa" getting hit with stuff in the head. for about 5 minutes. with no punchline.

but alas, i chose not to rant on this. i'm just too busy to be wasting my time on rants on tv shows. but, and this is a huge but, what i saw tonight was just mindboggling.

"the casino" is supposed to be a show about two guys who took over a casino and the stuff that goes on with running it. here's the only problem: IT'S FAKE.

something was a little off within 2 minutes of it. the cameras were all in the right place a little too much. then i actually started listenign to the dialogue. it was so corny and fake. i can't really describe how bad it was. There was a "high roller" who was losing tons of money. and when the cards would come up, all of a sudden there was a camera giving an above shot of it. Then at a club, there were about 10 cameras all positioned perfectly to get close up of the people dancing.

everyone needs to see this show. As you are watching it, no that people are sitting there too dumb to realize it's fake.

rapid fire rants  


don't have time for full rants, so i'll just discuss the subjects and you can fill it in yourselves

- not fouling the other team when you are up by 3 is beyond dumb. what's really sad is that i really think that the reason coach's don't do it is b/c they don't want to be second guessed. kobe makes the shot and then lakers win in ot, brown can say "hey, it was a nice (but lucky) shot and we just got out played in OT". If he calls for the foul and (the even less likely scenerio occurs) they lose {those () don't make the sentence flow, i know} then everyone points their finger at brown and says "why did you do that". very sad really

- does everyone realize that the only reason we have 9th inning closers is b/c sutton got hurt in '82. I've read that before, but even joe morgan commented on it recently and i find it mind boggling.

- everyone is talking about how the red's manager is doing a great job, and will probably get the MOY award. they are also talking about the reason for success has been the great team chemistry. I haven't heard this kind of gushing since the '03 royals. BTW, how's the team chemistry there this year?

- roberto's is dead. No more 2 dollar subs. no more 7 dollar pie. new management. I'm both sad for the loss of a dear friend and somewhat pleased with myself b/c i contributed to his death. go figure

- if it wasn't for the 2-1 wednesdays, i would ban carvel. they charge 35 cents for toppings. that's pretty ridiculous, but some of the toppings could be good. what i don't understand is that sprinkles are on that list. can you imagine paying 35 cents for sprinkles. I should hang around outside there and kill any person that orders them. they don't deserve to live.

- gagne for lieber.

- rich harden = craig wilson.

- 6 beers for 20 dollars.

their ignorance forces my hand  


i really don't want to be ranting during these two months, but i couldn't let this one slip by w/o comment.

cubs up 4-1 in the top of the 9th. two outs.

ball hit to center field, alou misjudges it at first, then comes charging in. At the last second he pulls up and gets it on one hop.

the announcer makes a big deal about how great it was that alou at least prevented it from getting by him.


that run means nothing. the cubs need to get one out before giving up three runs. a single is basically as bad as a homer at that point. The only benefit from keeping it in front of him was that with a guy on first, it's possible to get the force out at second.

now, what % of balls in play are of the nature where you can make the out at second but not at first? 3%? it would have to be something like up the middle where the 2nd baseman dives towards the bag to stop it. Very rare.

I imagine that the chance that alou had of catching that ball should he have dove for it is much much higher.

oh, the same announcer then went on to say "i have to keep trying to explain this to baseball fans. outs 25, 26, and 27 are just DIFFERENT than any other out". Yeah, i guess a random bloop single proved that.