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Inner Groove  


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Following the last track on the album is an extremely high-pitched
tone (15 kHz), too high-pitched for many adults to hear, but audible to
dogs, other animals, and most younger listeners. The high tone was
inserted, as was John Lennon’s intention, to irritate the listener’s
dog. The tone was only inserted on the first 5000 copies of the LP
(save for the American Capitol Records pressing), but was included on all copies of the later CD release.

The 15 kHz tone is followed by a loop of incomprehensible Beatles
studio chatter, spliced together apparently at random and with sections
playing both normally and in reverse. This lasts for two seconds and
the final three syllables were mastered into the final "run-out" groove
of vinyl LP record, creating a loop of gibberish that is repeated
‘endlessly’ on manual turntables until the listener lifts the tonearm. This coda to the Sgt. Pepper LP was included in British pressings but not originally in American pressings; it was included on the 1980 "Rarities" compilation LP, as "Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove."
The 1987 CD re-release simulates this effect, although since an
infinite loop cannot be created on compact discs, the Beatle chatter is
looped eight or nine times before fading slowly out.