The typical daydream fantasy of being a rockstar  


So I don't think I've fully grown out of the phase of wanting to be in a band. And the other day I imagined would have been like to grow up in the 60's, when the music scene was just exploding with innovative sounds. Here's how my fantasy played out:

I'd be sitting around on a couch fiddling around on my guitar. Perhaps I'd go back and forth between writing down a lyric and trying to come up with the chord to go with it. Then, as I was pouring my heart into my work, someone would come over and play me this new track he had heard. He'd say he thinks it's called Voodoo Child or something. I'd take one listen, and realize that I could never come anywhere close to what I was hearing. That Jimi Hendrix on his worst day would be infinitely better than me on my best day. And remember, this is the "fantasy me" who could actually play guitar and write music.

Anyway, this fantasy ends with me smashing my guitar in disgust, and quitting my band.

Normal, eh?

I want to drive just so I can put this on my car