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by answering this seemingly unanswerable question:

how the heck do i fair catch in ncaa '08 (for the 360).

also, what does it mean to push the right stick when you're passing? is it the vision cone, or is it telling the receiver where to run?

i wasted my entire sunday morning googling!!!

Dear Cablevision, please fix your picture in picture  


When I am watching TV, these are the four options I have to put my picture in picture (PIP):

There is absolutey no reason why the PIP can't be moved to here:

However, if Cablevision cared about their customers, they'd realize that there is all that wasted real estate with the SD-bars on the outside:

Now, considering those two above options aren't being used, I KNOW there is no chance of this last option, but it is the most creative AND efficient:

By sliding the main image all the way to the left, you maximize the potential to use the space for the SD bars. You can put a PIP in the upper corner, and then use the lower corner for advertisements, scrolling information/weather, etc etc.

Rhapsody in Blue  


All week I've been trying to find out the name of a song I saw performed as I flipped by the Grammys. Let's ignore the fact that they actually flashed the title after it was over, because otherwise this will become a post about how bad my memory is getting, and that will just depress me. Instead, let me just say that the entire week I was thinking "oh man, I think the only reason I know this song is because it's in a commercial, and for some reason, I'm picturing an airlines".

Well, after finally finding a live blog about the grammys I relearned that the name of the song is "Rhapsody In Blue" and it is in fact the theme song of Unite Airlines. I was, however, SHOCKED to learn that one of the guys performing the song was Herbie Hancock. And then DOUBLE shocked to look him up and see that he was black!

And I have one of his cds somewhere too!