I will prove one of my readers right  


"he'll go months without posting, but when he does there will be a flurry. You'll usually get one really good one, a movie rant, and then some complaint about a sports play"

I'm not even supposed to be watching football this year, as my goal was to become a fan of soccer. But the game's on over my shoulder. I can't help it. Anyway, THIS is why I can't watch this moronic sport.

Green Bay is running back an INT, and at the 4 yard line the guy attempts to dive into the endzone. Of course one of his players knocks the ball out of his hands.

The Packers got lucky b/c the runner happened to step out of bound on the 4 yard line before diving. But this doesn't negate just how utterly stupid the player was. Diving with the ball out in front of you is very dangerous. Quite often, it results in a fumble. And while fumbles are always dangerous, they are 100x more dangerous at the 4 yard line. If he takes a knee, the Packers have 1st and goal from the 4. That's almost guranteed to be 3 points, and likely to be 7. More importantly, though, is that if he fumbles into the endzone, it's a touchback for the other team!!!

No football player in their right mind would dive for an extra 4 yards at the 40. It's too dangerous. So why on earth do they do it by the endzone? For the glory of scoring the points themselves? Disgusting, idiotic behavior. Get lost.

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Doubt it's glory. When you are that close to scoring, a player probably has a strong instinct to get the points. Doing at the 40 yard line accomplishes nothing.

October 6, 2009 at 9:16 PM

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