Will this be me in ten years?  


My understanding of the internet decreases every day. Not in the aggregate, but rather comparative to the younger generation. I wonder how long it will take to pass me by.

I'm listening to the Coffeehouse on Sirius and an accoustic version of "Change" comes on. It made me think of the HBO commercial that used it, so I try to find the video. The first link I get is this:


No need to actually click on it, as it's pretty straight forward. It's a Q and A...

Q: Anyone know the song that plays on the hbo commercial, the lyrics are _____?

A: It's ____. Next time, just google the lyrics with the word "lyrics" after it and you'll get the song.

Q: Oh wow, never thought of that. Good idea.

Holy Moses. If you're using the internet in the way as the original poster, you're doing it wrong. But then again, I know I'm not being fully optimal either. Please, if/when I ever become that bad, put me in a home.

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