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when i saw the psp for $110 on dell i emailed [redacted] asking her if i could buy it (yes, i'm whipped. we all knew that though.) she didnt respond so during lunch i called her and she said sure go for it. i've been swamped with work since i came back from lunch (theres [redacted] tomorrow) and we just completed all the assignments so i went to dell to buy the psp. its sold out! i'm so pissed off.

here is the part that really annoyed me. i called dell to see if i could order it over the phone.

as soon as i got on the phone with a real person, the first thing that person asks me is for my address and phone number.

i responded: i dont own a dell or any other product. i'm calling to buy a psp.

he then says: well i need your address and phone number to create a unique identity (or something like that).

me: well, i'll give you my info after you answer my question. do you have any psps for $110 or are they all sold out?

dell guy: you have to first give me your address and phone number.

me: no, you dont need it. just answer my question.

dell guy: i cant. please give me your address and phone number.

me: you know what, i'll never give you my address and phone number or my business.

dell sucks! i'm never using them ever.


follow up:

same thing happened last week. i went to borders and saw a 4 book strawberry shortcake bundle on sale for 6 bucks. there were at least 5 of them. i didnt buy it b/c i didnt know if we had it. i went back the next day and sold out! seriously! how does that happen? this is strawberry shortcake, not dora the explorer or hannah montana.

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