late to the game on the Eminem/Bruno thing....but, COME ON!  


My only connection to pop culture is what's discussed on Howard Stern. And since i'm a month behind on the show, I'm only now getting to the Eminem/Bruno thingie. I had a passing knowledge that people thought it was real at first, but then it later turned out to be fake. Hearing Howard discuss it, though, forced me to look it up.

What is wrong with people? How could anyone think that was real?

1) Eminem was mic'd

2) His crew pushed but didn't hit Sacha

3) The camera never cuts away

4) When eminem walks away, not only does the camera follow him, but lots of other cameras are in perfect position to follow him (we, in the biz, call that "blocking the scene")

There was 0% chance of this being real, and every news program (even if it was on E!) should be immediately taken off the air.

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