Did I almost die this morning?  


It's possible that my memory of what transpired this morning is off, b/c i was half asleep, but....

My alarm clock is all the way by the foot of my bed because I need to hide it from myself. When it's too close, I wind up waking up in the middle of the night checking it to see if I've overslept. Very crippling.

Anyway, when it goes off, I immediately jump up in a violent motion because I feel guilty about waking up the people upstairs. I'm not as fluid as I used to be (in college, my bed would wind up a foot or two away from where it started, b/c my violent swing would bring the bed with me), but it's still the most athletic part of my day. I pop up, roll over and then dive towards the clock. My right arm plants at the edge of the bed while my left arm does the swipe of the clock.

This morning, I missed the edge of the bed with my plant hand. I was still half asleep, but I became terrified as the full force of my body was going off the bed. At the angle of my back/body, My face was going to smash into the wall. It seems like I could have easily broken my neck if I had connected....my face/head would either break through the wall, or snap backwards. I don't know how I did it, but i managed to take my swipe arm (the left) and push off against the wall to brace myself. I really screwed up my wrist, but I at least avoided smashing my head.

I wonder how close I came to death. How embarrassing would that be, to wind up dead in my bed. So six feet under, if you ask me. It also made me aware of just how tired I've been the past couple of weeks. It's depressing that there's 0% chance of me getting 8 hours of sleep on a given night...if even it were possible for me to fall asleep instantly.....which it's not.

ugh, why won't this SHU game end, so i can go to bed????

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