I'm pretty sure that this is only the second Vitale-colored basketball game I've watched this season. I seem to remember watching a game that happened to be his first game back from some type of cancer or surgery or something. I'm pretty good at tuning him out, but I remember him saying a player reminding him of Nick the Quick Workman. The only reason that stayed in my memory is because I met Nick at one of the first basketball games I ever went to (in fact, I was able to rebound for him while he warmed up for an old timer's game at the Meadowlands). Anyway, tonight, for the second time, Vitale has referenced Nick.

I wish there was a way to find out if it was the same player both times (the big white center from UNC whose name I should know. Hansborrow, maybe?). I saw the first matchup between UNC and Duke, and I assume that was on ESPN, so it is possible.

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