Did the WWE film the scene inside George Mason's lockeroom?  


What the heck was that? Coming back from commercial, we're taken inside George Mason's locker-room, with a dramatic zoom in of their coach, Jim Laranaga. He's going on and on about how the team went on a "magic carpet ride" last year. Then he talks about how he believes this team is magical, and points to a newspaper picture of a player dunking. "look at that, you are levitating"...wonka wonka. Then he shows a picture of the Nortre Dame Leprecon and says "let's make them disappear". He then crumbles up the paper!

I've seen scenes like this before, but they were always on Saturday Night Main Event, or Raw. And I'd shake my head in disbelief and say "my god, this is so fake, no wonder people make fun of me for watching wrestling."

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this little scene is making it less fun to watch the games tonight. It's tainted my experience.

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