I have a bird with ocd  


Over a month ago, I awoke to the sounds of acorns falling and bouncing off my window and onto my AC. They fell consistently for several hours before I decided to take a look. Turns out it wasn't acorns, but rather a bird. It would sit on my a/c wall unit, and then fly up to the window and smash into it. It would then come crashing down and fall on the a/c. Rinse and repeat for hours.

Whenever I would stand near the window, it would fly away, only to return. I went outside to shoo it away, but it came back. And back, and back, and back. It's been over a month now, and it wakes me up every morning. I don't understand how it's not dead yet. It smashes into the window with great velocity. I don't even know when it eats.

If that wasn't strange enough, last week it started flying around to my back window as well and doing the same thing. So it's not COMPLETELY insane. It actually does have a goal...........to get inside my house. I just can't imagine why.

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