Guest rant by "Jung Un"  


when i saw the psp for $110 on dell i emailed [redacted] asking her if i could buy it (yes, i'm whipped. we all knew that though.) she didnt respond so during lunch i called her and she said sure go for it. i've been swamped with work since i came back from lunch (theres [redacted] tomorrow) and we just completed all the assignments so i went to dell to buy the psp. its sold out! i'm so pissed off.

here is the part that really annoyed me. i called dell to see if i could order it over the phone.

as soon as i got on the phone with a real person, the first thing that person asks me is for my address and phone number.

i responded: i dont own a dell or any other product. i'm calling to buy a psp.

he then says: well i need your address and phone number to create a unique identity (or something like that).

me: well, i'll give you my info after you answer my question. do you have any psps for $110 or are they all sold out?

dell guy: you have to first give me your address and phone number.

me: no, you dont need it. just answer my question.

dell guy: i cant. please give me your address and phone number.

me: you know what, i'll never give you my address and phone number or my business.

dell sucks! i'm never using them ever.


follow up:

same thing happened last week. i went to borders and saw a 4 book strawberry shortcake bundle on sale for 6 bucks. there were at least 5 of them. i didnt buy it b/c i didnt know if we had it. i went back the next day and sold out! seriously! how does that happen? this is strawberry shortcake, not dora the explorer or hannah montana.

Funny Trampoline #2 fake?  


late to the game on the Eminem/Bruno thing....but, COME ON!  


My only connection to pop culture is what's discussed on Howard Stern. And since i'm a month behind on the show, I'm only now getting to the Eminem/Bruno thingie. I had a passing knowledge that people thought it was real at first, but then it later turned out to be fake. Hearing Howard discuss it, though, forced me to look it up.

What is wrong with people? How could anyone think that was real?

1) Eminem was mic'd

2) His crew pushed but didn't hit Sacha

3) The camera never cuts away

4) When eminem walks away, not only does the camera follow him, but lots of other cameras are in perfect position to follow him (we, in the biz, call that "blocking the scene")

There was 0% chance of this being real, and every news program (even if it was on E!) should be immediately taken off the air.

The most disturbing image from Thrilla In Manila  


It wasn't all the racist stuff Ali did w/r/t Frazier.

It wasn't Ali speaking at a Klan rally.

It wasn't the footage of the actual fights.

It was the interview with the last surviving member of Frazier's corner from that fight from his dirty kitchen. The contrast of him dressed to the nines (bold suit, jewlery, etc) with the dirty kitchen pot behind him is pretty ammusing. Then, to his right, there is a dirty microwave with a sign in front of it. "Do not put any aluminum foil in the microwave". (yes, i had to freeze frame it to read it). And then, i noticed what was on top of the microwave......A ROLL OF ALUMUNIUM FOIL!

...and the other two months, the Taliban had him  


From the story of the NYT reporter who escaped from his kidnappers...

“We’ve been married nine months,” Ms. Mulvihill added. "And seven of those, David has been in captivity."

How to follow the news on Iran  


1) Turn off CNN

2) go to

3) hit refresh every 5 minutes.

WoW, just wow.  


Too lazy to change the channel after True Romance ended, I left Coyote Ugly on. And while I was getting angry about how bad it was, I had a moment of clarity. There has to be more to life than watching bad movies and getting angry about how bad they are, right? What's the point? Not only should I have known this movie was bad just based on the premise, but I've already seen this movie once before! What am i gaining by watching again?

I was so disgusted with myself that I felt the need to post. But then, a key plot point developed in the movie and my mind melted. Remember how the main character is a good song writer but afraid to sing in public? Well, do you also remember how she first got over this fear? When the cops come to Coyote Ugly, the owner gets distracted by them. And then the bouncer gets distracted. And with the bouncers distracted, the men basically begin to rape some of the Coyotes. And then a fight breaks out. And in the course of the fight, someone gets thrown into the jute box. And that person must have been Fonzie, b/c it turns the jute box on. And a song comes on. And the main character, very nervously, mind you, begins to sing along to the song. And the men stop fighting and raping. And the owner AND COPS, look on approvingly.

Oscar worthy.

Stealth Napping  


Back in the day, one of my favorite types of naps was the "Stealth Nap". With the grace of a Navy SEAL, I would nap "around" the pile of school books piled on my bed. As people grow up, the need to Stealth Nap decreases. But after a long day of re-arranging furniture and cleaning, I found myself very tired, and with a bed bombarded with random things on it. And I looked deep within myself to call upon my long dormant skills. I'm happy to let you all know that I've still got it!


The next time you are watching Juno, unwind the movie  


No matter how much you hate Juno, you will watch it again. And when you do, try visualizing the script. Hear what the actors are saying, line for line, and picture the words on a piece of paper. When you do, you will realize how poorly written this movie is. How the dialogue makes Gilmore Girls look realistic. It's sooooo bad.

But boy is that cheeseburger phone funky! had a selection of tweets  


from people who only tweeted once, never to be heard from again.

this one (under the catagory of people who clearly didn't understand what twitter was) had me laughing:

brittanyblevins what kind of donuts are you offering?
12:23 PM May 8th, 2008

an email from march that cut and pasted two comments  


I'm trying to clean out my inbox. I came across an email that was sent to me in early march. It's just two comments....the original website isn't even mentioned. But i like the comment so much I need to paste it here. So Dwight, whoever you are, nice post.

Dwight said...

"Taxation is theft. The rest is just details." - elliot

Catchy phrase that sadly is flawed because it is based on a very uninformed and/or extreme understanding of ownership. Do you have a house? Is the mortgage paid for?

If so do you believe you own the house and property outright and absolutely without encumbrances? Because if you do then you don't actually understand how things are. There are certain inalienable claims that the state has on that property.

Likewise money. What you don't understand is that you are in effect in a franchise, a collective agreement with everyone else in the country, state, county, incorporated city/town, etc. via the bodies of government. As such it is extreme to the point of lunacy to claim actual "theft" in any meaningful sense of the word.

You have earned that money, and lived your life, by leveraging the assets of that collective (assets of varying levels of tangibility, but all very real). If you were to opt yourself out unilaterally after/while gaining that benefit it would be you that is acting closest to "theft".

Conan's head looked so huge next to Seacrest  


Ryan Seacrest was a guest on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and the results were disturbing. Not only is Conan much bigger than Seacrest, but it appears Ryan also has an abnormally small head. The profile shot of both their heads in the same screen was shocking. It actually disturbed me. Then, when they panned back to show both of them in their chairs, it looked like a really bad special f/x trick. The one with a split screen and a person appears to be shrunken by being filmed much further away.

Seriously, find a clip of this interview. I can't be the only one who experiences this.

Kevin Smith unknowingly hurts the gay community  


Although it's been years since I first heard it, I'm haunted (in a good way) by a comment from a lesbian student during An Evening With Kevin Smith. Her complaint was that Chasing Amy promotes an idea that a lesbian just hasn't met the right man yet and that the movie feeds into negative stereotypes regarding the gay community.

Kevin sincerely responded, but missed the point completely. He essentially patted himself on the back for having a lead character be gay, and that he (Kevin) had a gay brother, etc etc etc....He didn't go so far as to say "and I even had one at my wedding!" but one can infer that his brother got an invitation.

Having a gay character....a MAIN character, is a step in the right direction, but what's the point if the character is just going to fall into the same cliches and negative stereotypes? The character, a life long lesbian, "falls" for her best male friend. This plot only makes sense if you presume that gay people can be turned "back" to being straight. That their default is straight.

Riddle me this: would anyone buy a plot where a straight guy "turns" gay because he gets along with his best friend so well? Of course not. Because straight people "are" straight. But Kevin doesn't afford the same dignity to his gay character.

Later in the response (and throughout every conversation he's ever had), Kevin goes for his repetitive "humor" of implying that he does gay acts. He's attempting (poorly, I may add) to show that he's comfortable enough in his own sexuality to not be afraid of homosexual behavior.

He would probably claim that "It's funny because i'm NOT gay". But if you deconstruct the joke, you'll realize that the humor is based on the belief that the gay act is somehow "wrong" or something that should be laughed at. "tee hee, i said i would perform a gay act, but i'm not gay. wocka wocka!!".

There needs to be more to a joke than just saying you are something that you are not. If he kept joking that he was Canadian (when he's really from Jersey), nobody would laugh. But he's as Canadian as he is Gay. So why is the latter "funny"? Because in the end, Kevin is feeding off the subconscious idea that homosexuality is something that should be laughed at. And he's wrong.

But Clerks II was awesome.

My favorite type of nap  


I enjoy lots of different naps for lots of different reasons, but the best nap of all time is the "Sunday afternoon, after a big family meal" nap. This Sunday, I found myself quite full after a big family meal. Although I had many things to do, I couldn't pass up the chance to partake in a SAAaBFM nap. Boy was it worth it.

A distant second is the "you woke up for work, but realize you are too sick to go in, so you go back to sleep". While that's good too, that comes with an element of guilt. There's no such guilt on a Sunday afternoon...they were made w/ napping in mind.