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The method through which your company uses its towers is also paramount. Some companies have a "getting connection is more important" mentality vs a "staying connected is more important". The difference is... In the first instance, if you call in first to a tower at rush hour, and there is a big backup, and everyone starts hopping on the phone. As soon as that capacity is full, the next call will most likely kick you off the network, and you would have to call back...effectively knocking somone else off. They prioritize a NEW CALL as more important, and view a network busy signal as a bad thing. Conversely, the second company will tend to keep your call, but you will get more network busy signals... try calling from a sports game at halftime... And in most markets a 911 call will out prioritize either one, and bounce callers either way. So... with that in mind.... most companies worth their salt will offer reimbursement or credits for DROPPED CALLS. Its a pain, but the companies are able to see how many dropped calls you have. Also keep in mind, if you dont know, most companies offer phone software upgrades that can either be programmed over the air, or you take them into the store, and they upgrade things such as the tower locations, or your preferred roaming lists... and can increase the performance of your phones, especially if you have had them 9 months or more.

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