Can a fan base be so annoying as to drive a real fan away from the music? I’ve just about had it with DMB “fans”. I’m watching their newest storytellers, and the crowd is just packed with the stereotypical frat boys and teenyboppers that are ruining the DMB live experience. While this is to be expected, there was one incident in particular that really rubbed me the wrong way.

Now, the whole point of storytellers is for the band to tell the story of the song, right? Well, Dave starts talking about how this woman was telling him a story about how “she was driving down the road, and saw two boys who she thought were sleeping”. Now, obviously, he’s talking about the lyrics to Louisiana Bayou. But, even if you weren’t familiar with the song, the words “thought were sleeping” should probably clue you in that the kids are going to wind up being dead. But, the crowd explodes in cheers when the next line mentions “this was in Louisiana”.

Let me repeat that: the crowd erupted in thunderous applause as Dave’s talking about the tragedy of seeing two kids lying dead in the road. Apparently, these two kids were murdered for owing money and coins were placed on their eyes and where the bullets entered their skulls.

No no momma now devil don't do-si-do
Two young boys lyin' dead by the side of the road
The coins in their eyes represent the money they owe
No judge or jury ever gonna hear the story told

And, not only is the crowd retarded for cheering that, but they couldn’t even guess the song from his opening line. If you are going to give the pavlovian (sp) response of cheering when you recognize a song, at least recognize the song when he mentions the opening line of the lyrics. Absolutely disgusting.

The one funny part of this storytellers is that when the band’s getting interviewed, Butch Taylor is sitting in a row behind the band. He’s not even allowed to sit in the same row! I’ll never forget Dave’s response from years ago as to why Butch isn’t actually “in” the band.

When you have a family, and you adopt a child, you love the child, but he’ll always be adopted. You just don’t love him the same way as you would other members of the family. {me paraphrasing}

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