The Harlem Shuffle  


In 1986, The Rolling Stones were set to release their much anticipated single, "Harlem Shuffle".  Howard Stern, having recently taken over mornings for K-Rock, touted that he was going to be the first one to play it.   Not only did this stir up attention, but it was also a jab at other stations who smugly prided themselves in always having the scoop on such exclusivity.   

Anyway, Stern played the single (which was the Stones' interpretation of an old song) non stop for days.  The other stations were upset.  And the Stones' attorneys eventually sent a cease and desist letter.   For you see, it wasn't the real song, but rather Fred Norris' best guess at what a Rolling Stone's version of Harlem Nights would sound like.  

And not only were the other stations fooled (even when they were told it was a fake), but when the real version came out, it sounded disturbingly similar to Fred's version.   King Norris indeed!

It pains me that none of my friends religiously listen to Howard Stern anymore.  I feel like every "episode" provides ample material to dissect and discuss. 

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