Quick bullet points on two weeks of Netflix  


Serpico - Loved it. Going in, the only information I had on the movie was from the parady done in "it's always sunny". Flying blind is always better. Anyway, someone asked me "how could you love Serpico, but hate Dog Day Afternoon?". If someone can answer that for me, I would appreciate it.

Bridge to Terabithia - Don't ask, it wasn't my choice. The movie was "whatever", but I'm disturbed by one element: they crowbarred a discussion of religion that didn't fit with the rest of the movie. Literally, out of nowhere, one of the character starts talking about Christianity. And then later in the movie, that conversation is reference. I'd love to know the significance of this conversation, but I refuse to look up anything to do with this movie.

Ghostworld - Awesome. AWESOME. While I was waiting for the Giant game last week, I saw that this was on channel 11. I was stunned to see one of the first scenes entirely cut out. There were no "indoor graduation" sceenes. They immediately cut to them leaving the school. Why?

Happiness - Though very depressing, I experienced a grat deal of happiness when I later read online that people (namely, religious groups) were flipping out that the Pediphile character was drawn as a "human" instead of a one dimensional monster. Sorry that everything isn't black or white.

Mullholland Drive - I can't tell if I actually liked it, or if I tricked myself into liking it because it's so critiquelly aclaimed.

A Mighty Wind - Funny, but not as good as "Best in Show". Best in Show might be my favorite "comedy". But I never laugh during it. I laughed out loud during A Mighty Wind, but I felt the jokes were too over the top. Each scene ended with an exagerated punchline. Best in Show was better at trusting the audience to get the humor.

Burn After Reading - These Coen Brothers are geniuses.

David Cross: Let America Laugh - I found this very awkward and disturbing. It's very sad to see what a comedian must endure. It's not heckling per se, but rather drunken buffoons obnoxiously hollaring out during his set. And then when they try to interact with him after the show, I cringed. Watching this behavior made me never want to drink again.

Sorry that there were no deep thoughts on any of these movies...I got nothing.

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