My Enterprise Dream Comes True  


I always enjoyed the enterprise commercial where the car is wrapped in paper. Every time I would see the paperless windshield, I would be disappointed. What would it be like, I wondered, to drive with a completely covered car.

Yesterday I drove by a car that came disturbingly close to answering that question. Instead of a driver side window, there was a big piece of cardboard duct-taped on. Yes, that's right. Cardboard. Not clear plastic, but completely opaque cardboard. Taking up the entire window. In a moving car.

I could see putting a garbage bag or something similar for a parked car. However, and feel free to call me crazy, but once a car starts moving, you need to be able to see to your left. That driver's side mirror is kinda sorta important.

And it wasn't even raining out or anything. That cardboard was only there to shield the driver from a cool breeze. Wear a coat!

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