Miley Cyrus is a true thespian  


Any fan of Howard Stern can tell you that Robin loves to sprinkle stupid actors talking about their stupid movies during her news.   On a good day, Howard can riff on how empty and fake these conversations are.  On a bad day, however, Howard will cut off an actor after 3 seconds and say "ok, terrific, anything else Robin?"   The latter is what occurred when Miley Cyrus was talking about her role in Bolt.  With that in mind, I'm stunned that I even remember it, but I distinctly recall her talking about how her and John Travolta developed a chemistry as the movie went on.   See, because, you know, like it's weird and stuff to "act" when all you are doing is talking into a microphone, but as the like scenes went on and stuff, we developed a chemistry.  

That's absurd on its face.   I don't believe in chemistry in a dugout, and I don't believe in it in a cartoon about dogs.  But then I actually watched the movie and I'm now blown away by her statement.  For, you see, her character and the dog don't actually talk!  Bolt talks to other animals.   And Miley's character will say stuff like "come here bolt", but they don't actually communicate with each other.   At best, there was a time or two where she was calling out for Bolt, and, unbeknownst to her character, Bolt was saying "here I come."

So what kind of chemistry was she talking about?   The only thing her character can here is "woof woof".   What kind of method acting is required to be able to connect to a dog like that?

What in the world is she talking about ???????

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