60% of the jokes in Margaret Cho's Assassin go like this...  


Setup: It's wrong to be homophobic. And if you mess with gay people...

Punchline: You'll won't be able to [insert something that is stereotypically done by gay people].

Follow up 'humor': Gay impression.


Setup: We should have gay marriage. And until we do, the...

Punchline: wedding planners should refuse to help straight people plan their weddings.

Followup humor: [With gay speech pattern] Oh no, girl, I'm not going to plan your wedding!

It's so amazingly simple minded. I can write a stand up routine for her. All you would have to do is create a list of things that are stereotypical to the gay community. Shoot, I had other examples, but I've already forgotten. I feel sad that people find her funny. I get it of course, she speaks to a community that's underrepresented. She's empowering. They interviewed fans before and after the show, and you can tell that she's having an impact on people. Which is great.

But funny she aint.

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Assassin was 5 years ago. She hasn't even been THAT funny since then.

May 30, 2009 at 6:42 PM

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