Well it's clear you don't drag your knuckles because they're so damn hairy.

Um, Jesus was put to death on a Friday, and rose again from the dead three days later, on a Sunday. So I guess because I still have some sort of organized religious belief I am below you and have no counting ability.

I forgot, I'm dealing with a turkey-eating vegetarian who has nothing better to do while getting paid for doing nothing at work than take pot shots at family members.

This is coming from a guy who complains that I have cases of water in my house and I'm contributing to global warming, yet he's happy to partake in drinking several bottles while over. When I suggest drinking tap water, he simply replies "Well, I'm not an animal."

Oh, and what about the 12 packs of soda, or bottles and cans of beer which you stock your fridge with? That concerned about the environment, eh?

It must be wonderful to be you and live in your environmental, correct-counting bliss while everyone around you is nothing more than a knuckledragger.

I'm glad that my "ignorance" is still fodder for your blog.

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