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So a coworker *gasp* actually listens to that blowhard Colin Cowherd. It reminded me of this chat I had with him a couple of years ago. Looks like I had "help" from two other friends posting questions....I seem to remember the Buffalo reference being an inside joke about a wing eating contest. The bolded questions came from either two of my friends, or myself. I'm particularly proud of the Ross question and the one from the Clock.

Moderator: Hello everyone .. Colin is wrapping up the show and will be joining the chat room at approximately 1:10 p.m. ET ... keep sending your questions!

Colin Cowherd: Wow! I'm surrounded by computer hackers! It's a dream come true! Anyway, fire away! Good to be here.

Micromick, portland: Colin, are you going to lean on your buddy Phil Knight for a bunch of old shoes to give away as prizes?

Colin Cowherd: Believe me, the calls have already been made!

Elaine (San Diego): Why does larry bowa have a job? What am i missing? The players hate him and the team is underachieving.

Colin Cowherd: Give him a little more time. Remember the Yankees are struggling too right now and Joe Torre could be the best manager in baseball right now.

Tom (jefferson, nj): How has the internet affected your job, and sports generally? It seems like sports programs have to be "more" than just recapping scores since that information is easily available via the net.

Colin Cowherd: Makes it easier AND tougher. More access and more responsibility. I love the internet and any rumors about me and low-grade porn sites are strictly that!

Dennis (Newark): There seems to be a trend in sports reporting (Sportscenter, talk radio, PTI, etc) to be a "personality" first, and be a reporter second. Have sports become a forum for medicore comedians, and if so, what can be done to stop it?

Colin Cowherd: It's real simple ... most people have broader lives than sitting around studying box scores. The more people you can reach, the more revenue you produce for a company. If you want hard core sports, there are plenty of places to find it on the internet. Never make the fatal mistake to think everybody thinks just like you. Those personalities you rip, have five times the ratings of the Xs and Os guys.

Derek (Corvallis): Will the industry-wide work stoppage in the porn industry have an effect on Mike Bellotti's moustache?

Colin Cowherd: I knew a beaver fan would show up on this site! Good luck vs. LSU! I'll be there.

Adam U. (Portland, OR): So what's the talking hairdo..er..Dan Patrick really like? And don't start kissing ass here.

Colin Cowherd: Actually, everybody has been great to me. My show has a different vibe than all the other shows on ESPN. But that's why they hired me. As for Dibble, he's a dangerous man. And I'll leave it at that.

Larry (Bronx): Do you have any listeners who are NOT in Portland?

Colin Cowherd: Frankly the response has been overwhelming. 99 percent of our listeners are NOT from Portland. Remember, we are not on in Philly, NY or Boston. We are in LA, San Diego and 260 other markets. The response from the audience has even surprised management. Best wishes.

Dennis (Newark): Follow up: So, ratings are the most important thing? Doesn't it say something when hardcore sports fans have no interest in watching sportscenter? ESPN has become the next MTV. It's just a matter of time before Stuart Scott joins the cast of Real World.

Colin Cowherd: Your opinion is clearly contradictory to the ratings I'm looking at. Ratings are the truth serum and they are up 11 percent at ESPN on SportsCenter. Again, don't fall for the mistake unsuccessful people often make .. thinking everybody thinks just like them.

Tony (Washington): how are your show ratings?

Colin Cowherd: They don't come out for months.

Shane Breidenstein (Reading, PA): What advice do you have for someone who is in college and interested in working in the field of sportsbroadcasting and sports talk radion?

Colin Cowherd: Don't be a sports nerd. Read about a lot of different things. This network is looking for smart people, not just sports junkies. TV and radio research indicates that the more interest people have beyond sports, the higher the income. Guess what? ESPN wants those guys as listeners and viewers.

PJ (Parcipany NJ): Do you get a chance to listen to any of your peers? Mike and the Madog recently had Michael Lewis (author of moneyball) on and were very disrespectul to him. Keep up the good work.

Colin Cowherd: I don't have the opportunity to listen to anybody. Too busy working on my show. Frankly, listening to other people can be disruptive to your own style. I don't listen to any other talk radio.

Charmc (Daphne, AL): What do you think of Mike Price? The local sports radio station celebrated the one year anniversary of him being caught at a strip club, by broadcasting from a local strip club.

Colin Cowherd: Mike Price won at Washington State. Enough said. The guy can coach.

Lin, Tampa: Like your segement "Expand the Globe". I have one question, how is your work day like? (ie. how many newspaer do you read everyday to prepare the show?)

Colin Cowherd: I have two producers who bring me nothing but material to read all day. Fortunately, I love reading.

Brian NYC: How many games do you think Denver can win against the T-Wolves?

Colin Cowherd: One, the T-Wolves are better defensively.

Dennis (Newark): Last question, i swear... I'm not denying that more PEOPLE are watching espn. But, the came can be said about reality shows. I'm asking if "quality" is even an issue any more in programming or if ALL the network cares about is the bottom line.

Colin Cowherd: Again, your definition of quality may not be somebody else's.

pat park city utah: why do they call thre yankees boston the greatest rivalry in sports when it is 26-0?

Colin Cowherd: Great question! Maybe because of the heightened drama of all those Red Sox losses. I love Park City, by the way.

Maria (Norwood): What do you think of fantasy sports in general? I hate them, my boyfriend loves them, I may dump him because of it.

Colin Cowherd: I have lots of fantasies. Tracy McGrady isn't in any of them. I'm a gambler. I like gamblers. They pick up the check. Fantasy guys argue over the tip.

Louis (Kent): What is with the Mariners this year?

Colin Cowherd: Not enough punch in the lineup. And an owner not willing to buy any. Great fans, great stadium, great city, and really really cheap owners.

Andy (Sherwood): Are you still tweaking the tech nerds on anonymous message boards?

Colin Cowherd: Inside joke. Yes, I am. Thanks for listening.

Thor, Auburn: Follow up question. I'm not a sports nerd, i follow all current events. BUT my degree is in history, nothing to do with radio. What advice do you give guys like me who want to get into radio?

Colin Cowherd: Call radio stations and ask for an interview. If they find your bright and interesting, that may get your foot in the door. Good luck to you.

Jeff (Reading PA): When will u be fired? please say soon!

Colin Cowherd: I have a long term deal. Most of it guaranteed. I guess that means no, by the way, that phone rining is your mother. She's asking you to move out of the basement.

Tyler (Reno): What do you make of the NL West this year? Do you think the Giants can repeat, provided everyone stays healthy?

Colin Cowherd: Not a great division. Like the Padres youth, their bullpen could be a liability.

Josh (Portland, OR): What should the Blazers do in the off season so that they'll be able to compete for home court in the playoffs next year, after ending their 21-year playoff streak?

Colin Cowherd: New coach and a new PG.

MicroMick, Portland: Chad insults midgets, fat people and gamblers... If he is the moral compass for your show, isn't it likely that the whole ship is listing a bit?

Colin Cowherd: What up Mick! Love your stuff! You are as warped as usual! Keep it coming! Thanks man.

Brian NYC: Haven't been able to catch your show yet but do you talk about sports during it at all? Judging by this chat - not so much.

Colin Cowherd: Talk sports all the time .. but try to broaden discussions so that we can broaden the audience. Have a great weekend.

DG (Clayton): Could you take the clothespin off RyDawg's nose?

Colin Cowherd: They guy has so many nose rings you could hang a shower curtain on them.

Andrea (Trenton): Tracy McGrady was recently referred to as a "robin" and not a "batman" by the daily quickie. Call me crazy, but Tracy is a top 5 player in the nba. Does he really need a shaq-type teamate to win?

Colin Cowherd: Yes. Jordan didn't win without Pippen. And Shaq didn't win without Kobe.

Ross (England): You have a great show, but it can be even better. You should be wackier. Maybe some prank phone calls or something. Also, you should talk louder (read: scream). People will think you know what you are talking about then.

Colin Cowherd: Damn! England! We really are making an impact!

MicroMick, Portland: Did you find Marvyn's house of man bracelets?

Colin Cowherd: Yes. Keeps most of his best stuff in the attic.

JON Manteca, CA: Why do you think Warren Sapp made the move to Oakland from Tampa Bay? What's the main reason it happened?

Colin Cowherd: Warren Sapp's a great player but wasn't worth the money. I think he will be a better fit where he is at.

Chicago, IL: Hi Colin. I'm a big fan of ESPN radio and have enjoyed your show since you came on to the national spotlight. My question is, why do you continually repeat segments throughout the day? For those of us that listen for the full three hours, its kind of boring listening to repeat clips over and over. You must have more material to go over in one day than repeat information from the previous day or earlier in the day segments. Thanks for reading my question! Keep up the great work and keep it real! Ashish (pronounce Ahh-sheesh)

Colin Cowherd: Because the average listener on any national show only listens for 20-25 minutes.

Colin Cowherd: We do it just like FM stations. Replay the hits. We have to cater to the 90 percent who listen for 20 minutes and not the 10 percent who listen all day.

Gary - Show Low, AZ: The Show not bad. However, I wish you would stay on a certain topic longer then you do. Example - (You were talking about Kobe Bryant) I was getting real interested, and then all of a sudden, you went on to another story, just at a drop of a hat. (Not Good) in my opinion. I bet a lot of other people get annoyed at how you change storys so fast too!

Colin Cowherd: Remember, my show is on in the morning in the West. I have to touch on a lot of different subjects. That's what the research says.

Steve, Knoxville, TN: What has been the biggest adjustment going from KFXX to ESPN?

Colin Cowherd: Different studio and working with different people. But radio is radio. Not that much different.

DG (Clayton): Colin, you're like the Billy Beane of radio...

Colin Cowherd: I have no idea what that means.

Eddie (Cleveland): You seem to have a better understanding of the industry as a whole than almost any other personality. Why do you think that is?

Colin Cowherd: It's a business. Plain and simple. A damn fun business.

Colin Cowherd: One thing people fail to understand, it's GOOD to have some hate mail. It's NOT good to have everyone like you. Because it means your opinions aren't strong enough.

Chris (San Diego): How does it feel for you to have taken over for Tony Kornheiser? I thought when I first started listening that nobody could do that. You've really pleasently surprised me. Thanks and keep it up.

Colin Cowherd: We have a different show than Tony. That's what ESPN wanted. Appreciate the comments.

Steve X (Manalapan): What's stopping MLB (or any sport) from cutting a deal with a network to get more games on tv? Why can't espn2 air a different game every night. Wouldn't everyone benefit?

Colin Cowherd: Interesting question. Keep your eye on the NFL Network. That may very well happen.

Rich, Milwaukee: They told me to give you a chance. And I am. And you're starting to grow on me. The takes you have that are based on business philosophy resonate with me, and I've never heard them in a sports context before. Do you have any business in your blood?

Colin Cowherd: Yes. I love business and am involved in some ventures outside of radio.

Neil Leesburg, VA: Does anyone else get annoyed that you replay segments from the show everyday? I am trying be be a loyal listener but this aspect of the show will force me to turn the dial. If this segment is so good, change the time you run it.

Colin Cowherd: Read what I said earlier. We play to the percentages.

Michael (Washington DC): Uh, I think your show is indecent and I'm going to fine you 1/2 million. And there's nothing you can do about it!

Colin Cowherd: Is this Michael Powell?

wilmington, NC: Colin, I just wanted to tell you how excellent your show is! I got so "fed-up" with "Mr. Tony's" show, I wouldn't listen to ESPN radio for 3 hours, until his show was over.. But I must say, your show is very good,, more info I hear everyday on your show,, more than Dan Patrick, or any other show on now...Thanks, One question: Why do broadcasters boycott Hockey? NO-ONE! Talks about tha NHL Playoffs, not even mention the scores,, I mean, these are games on ESPN, and ESPN2 ALL NITE!,, and no promotion, story plots, or lines,, nothing from any radio shows?? Is it that bad, I mean, I'm a big hockey fan, and enjoy watching it, but sometimes I think I'm tha only one in tha US watching these games on ESPN..if it's that bad, why don't ESPN just drop it altogather, and NEVER talk about it at all... They basically do that now?? thx

Colin Cowherd: I have my style and Tony has his. But I never try to copy anybody. Some like me and some don't. It's been that way for 14 years.

Thor, Auburn: Whos going to win the National CHampionship in Football next year? And don't give me any favorites i want somebody ranked below 12 in the preseason polls.

Colin Cowherd: Keep your eye on Cal .. great coach, best QB in the nation, if they can get through the first month, they could be tough. Also, Georgia and Purdue could surprise people.

PJ (Oxford): Don't you think that Japanese pitcher who did the gay porn has to be so gay even though he claims he's not. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

Colin Cowherd: He's not gay but his boyfriend is.

Michael Powell (DC): How dare you call me out! That's it, i'm doubling the fine.

Colin Cowherd: Sorry, Mr. Powell. I promise I'll vote for George.

Jorge (Buffalo): Hey Colin, Should the Yanks move A-Rod to Shortstop and Jeter to Third? I know A-Rod has more range, but my cousin says Jeter has the intagibles that make him a better fit and SS, any thoughts?

Colin Cowherd: I think Jeter is there to stay. ARod has the kind of physical fram that makes 3B an easy transition. I still think ARod got too much publicity and people forget the Yankees gave away a pretty darn good 2B.

Del Columbia, SC: Nice to get a college footbal guy doing a daily show. With that being said, How do you feel about Lou Holtz being able to turn South Carolina into a winner??

Colin Cowherd: Lou Holtz could be the best gameday coach in college football. He doesn't get mention much because he's not at a powerhouse. But give him a couple weeks of preperation and Lou is a nightmare to face.

Brett: C'mon people are the most honest when their drunk

Colin Cowherd: I always felt Haray Caray was baseball's most honest announcer.

Josh (Portland, OR): Besides the obvious, such as climate, what do you miss most about leaving the west coast? And what is a pleasant surprise in the East, other than large volumes of bread...

Colin Cowherd: Connecticut is beautiful when the sun is out. Much like Portland. I love the West but I felt living in the East would make me a better broadcaster because it would broaden my horizons.

William (Salem): What do you think of the FCC cracking down on radio speech?

Colin Cowherd: Not a big fan of it. Turn the dial if you don't like it.


Colin Cowherd: Good to see my brother is keeping track of me.

Rob Neyer (Portland, OR): Stop stealing my fan base!

Colin Cowherd: If this is the real Rob, love your stuff.

Chris (San Diego): Some people said that the Diamondbacks would win the West this year. I know it's early in the season, but honestly, do you believe that will Curt Schilling gone and all those players they traded to get Richie Sexson gone, that they have a true shot?

Colin Cowherd: Don't think the DBacks have enough aces in their deck.

Mike Reston, VA: Colin- Show sounds great.... I have to be a homer and challenge you on your blanket statement about highering from w/ in. The "Fridge" at Maryland has been the best thing since hiring Gary Williams... hey wait a minute...where did Gary go to school?

Colin Cowherd: We are both right. It's a personal perference. I just don't like schools that choose inside candidates BECAUSE they are inside candidates.

Kyle, Blacksburg: What is the name of that book where the students take over Vegas, it sounds interesting, I'd like to read it

Colin Cowherd: It's written by a guy named Ben M. Go to Google, punch in 'Vegas gambling' and 'MIT' and see what comes up.

Maria (Caldwell): I've won the NCAA pool 3 years in a row. Why do guys get pissed when a girl wins?

Colin Cowherd: We're guys. We get pissed all day.

Clock: 15:01: Uh, your time is up.

Colin Cowherd: That's my favorite post yet!

Aloha, Oregon: Do you think the Pac-10 will finally get some love this season? I see a potential of 5 programs being in the top 25 this season. I also think my Cougs will continue on their path towards becoming a perinnial power in the Pac.

Colin Cowherd: USC No. 1, Cal and Oregon battle for No. 2, Washington State and Oregon State will be better than expected.

Pete (Quahog, RI): Who do you like tonight, Boston or the Yankees?

Colin Cowherd: I just like the fact they are playing. This series doesn't mean much other than for entertainment value.

Colin's Mom: Time to give me a back rub hunny!

Colin Cowherd: Ick!

Ross (England): are you concerned by the trend of having sports jerseys having advertisements on them? How many nike swooshes are needed on a catchers chest pad before we say enough is enough!

Colin Cowherd: Advertising doesn't bother me. I would put a Boston Market tatoo on my butt if they paid me $1 million a year.

jAY NEWINGTON,CT: Nice show so far. i might not agree with you on allthings but you at least seem to have honest well-thiugt opinions

Colin Cowherd: Appreciate it.

Brian (Memphis): Great show. Love the coverage from around the nation. Daily football fix is great. Please give some good karma to my Grizzlies.

Colin Cowherd: Tough first round matchup. Love Battier. He's a warrior.

Guy (Nantucket): Vazquez (-145) or Wakefield (+125)?

Colin Cowherd: Don't you know I think gambling is pure evil? Go study!

Rich from Tampa, Florida: Did you ever meet the late Chris Thomas, the WFLA sports anchor from Tampa, FL? If so, any thoughts on the man?

Colin Cowherd: Chris Thomas had more of an impact on me than any TV sportscaster I ever watched.

Mychaela (Madison, WI): Hey, Colin! I wanted to know if you're ticklish and if so, what spots?

Colin Cowherd: I'll be in Madison soon!

Tattoo Artist: Bend over.

Colin Cowherd: Your mom is on line 4.

Tracy - Cedar Rapids, IA: One simple question, why no Hockey?

Colin Cowherd: It gets a 0.6. I love the sport but it's bad radio. It's great in person.

Larry (LA): Are you my caucasian?

Colin Cowherd: I'm somebody's.

Vince (Paterson): What's the deal with soccer? Why does it suck so bad and why do all foreigners love it so much? U.S.A!!U.S.A!!

Colin Cowherd: I love World Cup soccer. But indoor soccer is like human foosball.

bob, newberg, oregon: What aspects made living in Portland enjoyable for you?

Colin Cowherd: Great summers and falls. Great restaurants. Laid back lifestyle. Wonderful people.

Adam U. (Portland, OR): Um...did anyone, um... tell you um... you say um... too much?

Colin Cowherd: Uhm ... no.

DJ (Long Valley): My fantasy team has a rotation of: pedro, vaz, moose, and santana. Are you jealous?

Colin Cowherd: Mine is Elle McPherson and Liz Hurley.

Gotta run. Thanks for the questions!

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