have we just given up on trying to raise kids?  


I was in shoprite the other day, and i couldn't figure out why two "lanes" were labeled as "not having candy for your convenience." I had a guess as to why it was like that, but deep down i suppose i'm just too big an optimist; i couldn't really accept the fact that mankind is this flawed. But, as you probably have figured out, these lanes are for parents who don't want to deal with their kids begging for candy. So, instead of actually, you know, being a parent, and telling these kids "no", they'd just rather avoid the situation all together. Fantastic. Why should a kid learn any type of self control? it's not important for a kid to learn that they can't just get whatever they want. No, it's much easier to avoid any situations of conflict. Hide the candy from the kid. Give the parent a break.

People should not be allowed to raise children. They obviously can't handle it. And no amount of support from shoprite is going to change that fact.

It's time to pack it in and admit defeat. The inmates are running the asylum.

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