Saved By the Bell was not realistic  


This has bothered me for years, so here we go....

Anyone remember the episode where the Russian chess player came to challenge Screech? No? Anyway, I can't remember the exact details, but I think zack and crew were worried that Screech was going to lose b/c he didn't have his lucky berret (it was stolen by the rival school). So, they did what any rational human being would do...They kidnapped the russian star and threw him in a closet. Zack then dressed up like the russian and was ready to throw the game to Screech. Of course, not knowing how to play chess, Zack was forced to jump the pieces like they were checkers. When the triple jump worked (and screech was impressed), Zack just forfeited the game. If i recall, the russian was able to escape from the closet, challenged screech to a real game, and screech won.

Now, there was one part of the episode that really bothered me. I can accept the fact that a russian genius would come all the way to bayside for no good reason. I can accept that this game was being broadcast on radio or tv (Slater and Lisa were doing play by play if i recall). I can accept that Zack would commit a felony by kidnapping a person, that they wouldn't later press charges on him, and even that Screech wouldn't recognize his best friend with a fake wig and moustache. All of that is plausible. What really bothers me, though, is that a great chess player like screech wouldn't know that you can't triple jump in chess. The writers are very insulting to us, the viewers, by thinking we will accept that. Saved by the Bell was a great show because it was a realistic portrayal of school. We watched because we shared a common bond with Zack and the crew. For them to shatter the realism of the show with such a ridiculous plot is very disturbing. Regardless how "true" the show reamined after that (like the episode where the grew went into business selling tomato sauce), there was always this thing lingering in the back of my mind. A little part of me died inside when Screech said "wow, that was a great move"

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